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Healthy Cooking Classes Nourish our Community's Mental Health

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we invested in a series of cooking classes at ACCESS Fort Garry (AFG) through our Healthy Community Grant Program. The My Health Team at AFG was granted $1,500 to host cooking classes for mental health clients using the AFG community kitchen.

Attitude of Gratitude

Victoria Hospital Foundation’s Grateful Patient & Families Program allows patients like Hemant and their families to show their gratitude for the exceptional care they have received while at Victoria Hospital. As an unofficial community ambassador, Hemant wants everyone to know about the great work that Victoria Hospital Foundation does for Victoria Hospital and the health of our community - read Hemant's story!

2023 Psychiatry Awards of Excellence

Last week's Psychiatry Awards of Excellence at Victoria Hospital celebrated the exceptional contributions of psychiatry residents in our healthcare system. We are proud to have invested in two new $1,000 awards that will be annually presented to deserving psychiatry residents at the year-end Graduation Banquet. These awards recognize the significant impact that psychiatry residents have on our community.

Workplace Psychological Health and Safety - A Different Way to Frame Mental Health

Mental health is a critical component of being human intersecting all areas of life. Did you know the average working Canadian spends upwards of 60% of their waking hours on the job? As you might imagine, the quality of the workplace environment has a tremendous impact on all aspects of workers’ health and wellbeing!

Walk with Tracy + Jennie Stople

Living with mental health concerns can involve multiple care providers and a variety of treatment plans. The spaces and places where this care happens must be welcoming to everyone. It needs to be calming, and it needs to promote wellness and positive experiences. Tranquility Trail will be one of those spaces. My mother would have loved it.