Community Leveraging Technology For Innovation (CLTI) Grant

The pandemic has been a catalyst for digital adaptation and non-profit organizations have been thrust into requiring adaptations to their digital infrastructure to meet the needs of both staff members and the community that they serve. Victoria Hospital Foundation recognizes that a deficiency in technological infrastructure can create significant barriers for non-profit organizations and a lack of funding for this type of investment can significantly impede a non-profit organization's ability to adapt and develop their digital capacity.

Through the Community Leveraging Technology For Innovation Grant, Victoria Hospital Foundation seeks to support non-profit organizations in achieving an optimal digital capacity by providing grants to be used towards upgrading or implementing new technological infrastructure. 

The Community Leveraging Technology For Innovation Grant is geared towards non-profit organizations that provide services or programming in one of the key funding areas Victoria Hospital Foundation supports, namely mental health care and the care of older adults. The outcomes of proposed digital infrastructure projects should include improved outcomes for community members in one of the two key funding priorities for Victoria Hospital Foundation.

The Community Leveraging Technology For Innovation Grant can be used to purchase or create new digital assets, upgrade outdated technology, or to enhance digital literacy through courses or training programs.


The deadline to submit an application has passed. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions by July 18, 2022.


CLTI Grant

Application deadline: June 6, 2022


To report the impact of a successful grant application, please download our Grant Impact Report