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Her Heart Her Way

Did you know that every 20 minutes in Canada a woman dies from heart disease? Statistics like these are why Her Heart Her Way was created.

Her Heart Her Way is a heart health prevention program made possible by a partnership between Victoria Hospital Foundation, the Manitoba Government, and Reh-Fit Centre. The program aims to help women protect their hearts and quality of life. It is a FREE 12-month lifestyle behavioral mentoring program that is delivered virtually, making it accessible to all eligible women. Those who participate are matched with a mentor who will work with them to identify their goals and ways to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from living their healthiest life. Victoria Hospital Foundation will invest $600,000 over the next three years to allow Reh-Fit Centre to deliver virtual mentoring sessions to approximately 400 adult women at risk for heart disease across Manitoba. It is a program designed by women, for women. 

To participate you must be a woman aged 30 and older who is at risk of experiencing a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure and meet specific eligibility requirements. What makes the program unique is that it is tailored to meet the needs of each individual woman; there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to heart health!

To learn more information on how to participate visit HerHeart.ca or call 204-489-7805. Her Heart Her Way Logo