Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit

Mental Health Care. Close To Home.


The number of people who need mental health care in our community is on the rise. Even before COVID-19, Victoria Hospital was seeing an increase in the number of people visiting the Urgent Care department for mental health concerns. As our community's need for mental health care continues to grow, we need to transform our hospital's Urgent Care department to meet the changing needs of our community and ensure those most in need receive individualized care in a private and supportive environment that is conducive to their recovery.

The Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit is a dedicated space within Urgent Care for those most vulnerable in our community to receive specialized mental health assessments and care - a healing space that provides privacy and safety. With our new Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit, our community hospital will lead best practices in the assessment of individuals experiencing acute mental illness. Urgent Care and mental health teams will work in collaboration to provide specialized mental health assessments in a calming environment. This innovative model of care leverages the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the inter-professional team to meet the individual's unique needs.

This combination of evidence-based practices and patient-focused care will result in patients experiencing shorter wait times and hospital stays as well as enhanced therapeutic relationships with their care team and more timely access to community and outpatient resources. This new six-bed unit will be the first integrated space of its kind in Manitoba.



“All of our patients deserve the appropriate settings for the care they need. We want to make sure those with mental illness feel safe so they can talk openly to psychiatrists and clinicians. We need an environment that is calming and private so our patients know they are being heard."

Rachel Ferguson
Chief Operating Officer
Victoria Hospital

The $1.2 million Manitoba Blue Cross Assessment Unit is part of our $1.78 million investment in mental health care at Victoria Hospital which includes the Tranquility Trail. Together, we can ensure better mental health care is close to home.



Your support will make this possible. Our doctors, nurses, and staff are counting on people like you to help fund the dedicated, healing spaces we need to care for the most vulnerable in our community. Your generous gift will ensure the best mental health care is close to home. 





“If someone comes into the the hospital with a broken bone, they are taken to the right place with the right tools to put on a cast. Mental illness is the same. We need to create the appropriate setting to care for individuals with mental illness." 

Dr. Jitender Sareen
Shared Health's Provincial Specialty Lead for Mental Health and Addictions