Victoria Hospital Tranquility Trail

Taking Mental Health Care Outside 

Help us bring mental health care outside and support our patients in their journey to recovery. Together, we can create a new green space, called Tranquility Trail, for unique and innovative programming that promotes greater health and wellness for our families, friends, and neighbours.

Greenspace has incredible benefits and makes a long-lasting difference in improving cognitive function in older adults and in treating mental health concerns. There is evidence to suggest that people can recover from stress and mental fatigue, and have better concentration after spending time in greenspace and in fresh air. 

Victoria Hospital Foundation will be transforming a designated space outdoors to support patients in their recovery. The revitalizing vision is to create a beautiful, purpose-built Tranquility Trail that is designed to offer unique outdoor treatment programming in line with research that proves the benefits of taking mental health care outside. The space will be able to accommodate everything from outdoor arts and crafts, to recreation therapy activities, yoga and exercise programs, cultural ceremonies and even gardening. 

It’s an investment in mental health care and wellness that will lead to better outcomes for individuals in our community on their journey to live longer, healthier lives. This new Tranquility Trail was designed in collaboration with Victoria Hospital’s mental health team and it means that including new therapeutic treatments will now be possible. 



“This new greenspace will be an essential component of our treatment plans for certain patients because of the benefits it will bring to those with depression, anxiety, dementia and other mental health conditions.”

Dr. Vishal Raj Kaushik
Psychiatry Site Lead, Geriatric Psychiatrist, Victoria Hospital

Hundreds of people in Victoria Hospital’s care for mental health support will use the new Tranquility Trail every year. Tranquility Trail is part of a $1.78 million investment in mental health care at Victoria Hospital that includes the Manitoba Blue Cross Mental Health Assessment Unit



Your generosity will take mental health care outside to offer a fresh approach to effective treatments. Your gift will help create this safe and healing Tranquility Trail that will help patients feel connected and valued, while promoting their wellness and dignity. 




“Providing care and support for someone who is living with a mental illness can involve multiple care providers and various treatment plans. It’s about having safe, calming spaces that are designed to offer targeted programming that promotes wellness and positive experiences.” 

Rachel Ferguson
Chief Operating Officer, Victoria Hospital




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