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Staff Reflections - Ian Carganillo

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What could be worse during this pandemic than to see COVID-19 hit those closest to your heart?

Last September, my parents got infected with COVID-19 even though they were fully vaccinated back in the Philippines. My dad recovered, but my mom, unfortunately, did not.

The irony of having all three of their children in Canada, where two who work as nurses on the frontline, looking after and taking care of others, couldn't go home to care for their parents when they were sick. No formal goodbyes to our mother as she was laid to rest a couple of hours after she died. Dad being a retired military man himself, "You don't need to come home. Carry on. You are needed there in your respective jobs. We will get through this. One day when this is all over, we will get together and grieve together in remembrance of your mother!"

Ian Carganillo, RN
Unit 4 North, Victoria Hospital

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