Staff Reflections - Danielle Fardoe

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I began working at Victoria Hospital not too long ago, in June 2020, in the operating room, right amid all the madness. It was quite the challenge— adjusting to a new job and learning all of these duties and responsibilities while things were constantly changing with COVID. 

Working in the Surgery department, we were immensely affected. There were days we weren't sure what was going to happen, and we were always worried we wouldn't be able to get ahold of things.

But that's where I saw every employee shine. 

The surgery program and support staff took on every battle thrown at us without hesitation. If we got knocked down once, we would get back up twice as hard. The teamwork and effort we put in have been astonishing and, it's got us to where we are today. If it weren't for such an amazing team, I would have felt lost and definitely would not have made it through from when I first started here.

It felt like I was learning two different jobs at once sometimes!

Here, we all came together and made sure no one felt alone. We helped out in any way we could, including helping out in other areas of the hospital that needed a little extra support. I've created so many strong relationships here. The way we come together will never cease to amaze me.

No battle will ever be too much for the Surgery department and like Margaret Thatcher once said, "you may have to fight a battle more than once to win it!" 

Danielle Fardoe
Surgery Program Assistant, Surgery Program-Operating Room
Victoria Hospital

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