Our experienced inter-professional research and evaluation team is committed to providing the highest quality of evidence-based research, using ample initiatives to advance healthcare into new domains.

Research supports enhanced patient care at The Vic with a focus on population health, access to health and social services, patient safety, patient-centered, continuity of care, treatment effectiveness and efficiency as well as addressing health inequities.

Research initiatives have explored a wide variety of important patient care issues including cardiovascular health, the effectiveness of new medical equipment, mental health and dementia care, new gynecological medications and patient rehabilitation options.

Our initiatives have a direct impact on patient safety, treatment options, patients receiving the right care at the right time and innovative approaches to health. Our Research department has also been involved in developing internationally-recognized new diagnostic technology for various critical illnesses.

Research is a powerful example of what can be achieved through partnership. It touches all of our lives in one way or another today and offers us hope for tomorrow.

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