A happy, healthy future is a goal we all share. Mental illness threatens that dream.

It strikes people of all ages and stages - and when it takes hold, it overwhelms us, our families, friends and co-workers.

The Vic provides help and hope to those most in need.

28% of adult Manitobans now live with at least one mental illness, and many more live unaware and undiagnosed. That's why our new Centre of Excellence at The Vic will offer treatment, education, counselling and other services to patients and families struggling with mental health concerns.

The Vic is now home to many of Manitoba's top mental health professionals. This critical mass of strategic skills, knowledge and expertise at The Vic will lead to innovations in mental health that will greatly benefit patients, families and the broader community.

"Our goal is to create ever-higher standards of excellence through increased awareness, acceptance, normalization and preparedness for what we will encounter," said Dr. Shawn Young, Chief Medical Officer. "This will lead to more help and hope for Manitobans living with mental illness and their loved ones."

Give. Invest. Save Lives.

Your gift will directly impact the quality of in-patient and out-patient programs we can deliver at The Vic and in our community.
Please donate now and give as generously as possible. Every dollar you give will advance mental healthcare at The Vic and create healthier futures for us all.